11.09.2023 • 1 min 15 sec read

Exclusive novelty: InteliMail sends e-mails according to the weather forecast

Although the statistics on e-mail opens are merely indicative, they still reveal a few things. Without e-mail opens, there simply won't be any click-throughs and therefore no sales. On a test group of users, e-mail open rates are 44% higher on a chilly rainy morning than on a beautiful hot summer afternoon. InteliMail now uses weather forecast to schedule e-mails to be sent.

10.09.2023 • 8 min 45 sec read

How does 100% e-mail automation actually work at InteliMail?

We decided to write this article at the request of our customers to shed light on how InteliMail can be used to do e-mail marketing in an e-shop with full automation and explain what customers actually get from the service itself. Furthermore, you will also learn how automated e-mails work, what they contain and what they look like.

17.07.2023 • 5 min 45 sec read

E-shop personalisation benefits (Product recommendations)

Quite often, e-shop customers fail to find the desired goods despite the fact that the e-shop features them in its product range. Simply speaking: customers are "lazy" - they make a few clicks and if they don't find what they were looking for in the e-shop, they just leave. Personalised InteliMail recommendations can prevent such scenarios, indeed.

10.05.2023 • 3 min 30 sec read

Product pop-up as an irreplaceable sales assistant (Remarketing and Retargeting)

InteliMail's sexy feature that helps convert undecided and returning customers. It speeds up the purchase process and offers customers the products they have interest in.

05.03.2023 • 1 min 30 sec read

InteliMail protects your data in line with GDPR and Cookies Regulations

With this short article, we answer the frequent questions of our customers regarding compliance with legislation and regulations: GDPR, Cookies and security of stored data.

13.06.2022 • 2 min 45 sec read

How to save on email service thousands of EUR per year?

Today we looked at the prices of e-mail services to check whether clients can save money, how much, and on what.

03.06.2022 • 1 min 45 sec read

The biggest mistake in e-mail marketing

Recently, a client forwarded us an e-book entitled "17 most common mistakes in e-mail marketing", asking if we have "tackled" these mistakes or if InteliMail was still making them.

15.05.2022 • 4 min 45 sec read

Abandoned cart e-mail. Does it even work?

At InteliMail, we sometimes have clients (especially those who are new to InteliMail) inquiring about the abandoned cart e-mail.

05.05.2022 • 1 min 30 sec read

A year has passed and it's time to reflect on results

Furniture, home accessories, car cosmetics, car parts, sports equipment, clothing, art supplies and much more. InteliMail helps e-shops sell all this, always without human work.

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