13.06.2022 • 2 min 45 sec read

How to save on email service thousands of EUR per year?

Today we looked at the prices of e-mail services to check whether clients can save money, how much, and on what.

03.06.2022 • 1 min 45 sec read

The biggest mistake in e-mail marketing

Recently, a client forwarded us an e-book entitled "17 most common mistakes in e-mail marketing", asking if we have "tackled" these mistakes or if InteliMail was still making them.

15.05.2022 • 4 min 45 sec read

Abandoned cart e-mail. Does it even work?

At InteliMail, we sometimes have clients (especially those who are new to InteliMail) inquiring about the abandoned cart e-mail.

05.05.2022 • 1 min 30 sec read

A year has passed and it's time to reflect on results

Furniture, home accessories, car cosmetics, car parts, sports equipment, clothing, art supplies and much more. InteliMail helps e-shops sell all this, always without human work.

01.05.2022 • 30 sec read

50 000 000 (50 Million) on Labour Day

It's been a while since we have launched InteliMail with our first customer, and today on Labour Day we can symbolically announce another great number.

31.03.2022 • 30 sec read

More than doubled in 10 months

1.6.2021 was the date when we reported serving 50 e-shops in InteliMail. After 10 months we have reached another milestone, which of course makes us very happy.

15.02.2022 • 1 min read

30 days-free InteliMail trial succeeded again

We are very happy to continue delivering unexpectedly good results to our clients. We are slowly getting used to it, but it is still quite surprising for our clients :-)

01.02.2022 • 30 sec read

3.000.000 and growing

More specifically, 3,008,242 delivered e-mails in January 2022. Not a single one of these e-mails was written or created by a human.

29.01.2022 • 45 sec read

Reshoper expo and the nice memories we have

It was three years ago, on 29.1.2019. We decided to go and present InteliMail at the Reshoper e-commerce expo and conference.

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