How to save on email service thousands of EUR per year?

13.06.2022 • 2 min 45 sec read

Prices of 7 competing services

Today we looked at the prices of e-mail services to check whether clients can save money, how much, and on what.

We compared the prices of the services for a database size of 10,000 and 20,000 contacts, from which the price is usually derived. For a database of 10,000 contacts, the average price is 100 Euros and the lowest price after rounding is 60 Euros per month for using the service. For a database of 20,000 contacts, the average price is 210 Euros and the lowest price after rounding is 170 Euros per month.

If we recalculate this, by replacing the tool with a cheaper one, the client can save an average of 40 Euros per month, which makes 480 Euros per year. However, you have to take into account the migration costs and the training time needed to learn how to use the new tool, which is probably not negligible either.

The general assumption is that such a change will not save much and perhaps no money at all if we consider a time horizon of one year.

How can you save money?

The answer is: spend less time working and save money on training.

If we take the example of an e-shop that sends 4 newsletters a month, on which someone has to spend 2 hours (writing the e-mail, checking, monitoring and evaluating the results, optimizing the contact database, etc...), they spend 96 hours per year on newsletters alone (let's round it up to 100 hours). With a labour cost of 20 Euros/hour, that makes 2,000 Euros. If we add one training session worth 200 Euros and 10 hours of googling and self-education per year (here come another 200 Euros), *we arrive at the sum of 2,400 Euros.

A small e-shop business can save 2.400 Euros.

How much of it can be saved?

In other e-mail platforms, you have to be creative and try to save … time.
With us, you save the entire sum, because only InteliMail:

  • requires zero maintenance (in 1 year you spend 0 hours maintaining it)
  • works without your training in management (InteliMail manages itself)
  • functions without training your team in e-mail marketing (it is our team that is responsible for training and improvements)

InteliMail rewards you with benefits:

  • you get 100 hours of free time
  • you save 2.400 Euros per year
  • you improve the performance of your e-mails
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