Real-time e-shop personalisation

Turns a visit to your e-shop into a shopping experience.

Helping e-shops get ahead

Who is e-shop personalisation suitable for?

All e-commerce platforms and custom solutions

InteliMail has been developed exclusively for e-shops, which makes it an unbeatable solution..

To speed up your customers’ purchase

Minimize your customers leaving without making a purchase. By personalising, you give your customers what they are looking for.

To increase your e-shop revenue

Don’t let the potential of your hard-earned traffic go unused.

To get more from your customers

Use remarketing and personalisation to increase average order value.

All is done autonomously with zero maintenance

Basic functions of Pe-shop personalisation

Improves the shopping experience for your customers
Increases conversion rate
Increases average order value
Gender-based personalisation
Can identify a customer on multiple devices
Cookie Policy and GDPR compliant
News, Discounts and Bestsellers
Last viewed products for easy guidance
Alternative products (in product detail)
Recommended purchase (in product detail)
Personalised recommendations
Recommended products to purchase (in the shopping cart)
How does it work?

All without the human touch

Data collection

InteliMail collects e-commerce traffic data about each visitor. All in accordance with the level of cookies agreed.

Data analysis

InteliMail constantly analyses and evaluates the collected data, which is an important basis for the personalization of each customer.

Decision and execution

InteliMail decides to which customer and when to send the email. Fill the e-mail template with text, products and send it to the customer.

How do they look?

InteliMai e-shop personalization

InteliMail reaches customers on the e-shop with widgets with personalised product offers.

Service integration and launch

Free and effortless integration

For all e-shop platforms and custom solutions. Easy, fast and without programming.

AIf there’s still something on your mind:-)

Customer FAQs

InteliMail e-shop personalisation works independently from the e-shop and does not interfere with the functionality of the e-shop. All necessary technical connections are made in Google Tag Manager, through which InteliMail inserts its own widgets in predefined places in the e-shop.
Yes, it does. In this case, the data used for personalisation is data that other e-shop users have allowed to be collected and evaluated. The only exception is up-selling (personalised recommendations), which cannot be displayed to the user or evaluated.
The benefits of personalisation of InteliMail e-shop can be tracked in clear and detailed statistics in our application, or also in Google analytics (in the section Behavior/Events).
No, deploying InteliMail personalisation will not slow down your e-shop. All operations are performed on InteliMail servers and the technical connection to the e-shop is still asynchronous, so the page loading speed does not change at all for the user.
CThe price for InteliMail e-shop personalisation service starts at 97 Euros without VAT per month with average traffic up to 5 0000 per month for the last 12 months.

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