InteliMail protects your data in line with GDPR and Cookies Regulations

05.03.2023 • 1 min 30 sec read

All in line with GDPR

  • InteliMail only sends e-mails to e-shop users who have consented to this when ordering or have subscribed to the e-mails. Users can unsubscribe at any time, either by clicking a link directly in the footer of the e-mail or by unsubscribing directly in Gmail.
  • Unsubscribing is also possible directly in the InteliMail application
  • InteliMail only collects the data necessary for the purpose of sending marketing e-mails and only with the consent of the e-shop customer. Necessary data means the customer's e-mail address and name for addressing.
  • If the e-shop customer requests the deletion of their personal data, the e-shop administrator can do so in the InteliMail application or request it.

We accept Cookies Regulations

  • InteliMail only collects traffic data from users who have given their consent in the e-shop's cookie bar.
  • InteliMail personalises customers according to their behaviour in the e-shop only if they have given their consent in the e-shop's cookie bar.

We protect your data

  • Our priority is to keep our clients' data as secure as possible, so we make every effort to ensure that the security of this data is as high as possible and protected from unauthorised use, misuse or interference.
  • We maintain confidentiality regarding information obtained in the course of business cooperation. For more information, please refer to the terms and conditions.
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