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Autonomous e-mail marketing

The days when people had to click through e-mails in an editor, plan sending campaigns, or try creating automated scripts are long gone.

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Pop-up remarketing

Intuitively converts traffic data into customer behaviour. Offers your customers the products they desire with a high success rate.

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E-shop personalisation New

Turns a visit to your e-shop into a shopping experience. Follows every customer click and guides every single purchase with unprecedented precision.

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Dominant features of InteliMail

Works sustainably without your maintenance
Increased performance (number of orders) even after 3+ years
Updates and improvements (for ever higher performance)
Free service integration and launch
Money back guarantee
99.83% deliverability
Cookie Policy and GDPR compliant
Solution developed for e-shops only
No need to strategize and evaluate results
No template editor work
No contact database management
No training, tutorials or checklists
No listing with support (everything works automatically)
Plus something you won't find elsewhere (more )
Service integration and launch

Free and effortless integration

For all e-shop platforms and custom solutions. Easy, fast and without programming.

30-day free trial

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It's just great. Straight out of a sci-fi movie :)

Peter Zahora

A solution that is truly ideal for our clients.

Dalibor Ďuračka

GoUP - Digital marketing agency

It's a more efficient and convenient solution for us than what we've been using so far. A pleasure to 'work with'. :)

Robin Mašinda - Online marketing

We decided to collaborate with InteliMail already in 2019. Since then, we have been successfully reaching out to customers with offers of products that they are genuinely interested in.

Jana Oleničová - Marketing director

A functioning automated system that automatically performs its tasks for a predetermined fee without the need for intervention. It made economic sense for us immediately after the test run. Very suitable not only for small businesses that do not have the budgets for people and are looking for automated solutions.

Miroslav Wieger

The service works perfectly on its own, without ANY intervention on our part. And it brings results :) This is most appreciated when there is no space or time to devote to email marketing.

Tomáš Janů

Great service that handles our email marketing. The price/performance ratio is excellent. A bonus is the top-notch people who provide advice and help.

Miroslav Hanuska

InteliMail is a great solution for sending newsletters, personalized pop-up windows, and collecting contacts. The people at InteliMail know what they're doing and they're very accommodating. The InteliMail platform is easy to use with clear stats. You don't need to worry about anything, it all works fully automated and is constantly linked to your online store. We highly recommend it!

Peter Šoffa


InteliMail in numbers


E-mails sent

with zero maintenance


Average deliverability

per e-shop


Number of orders

received by InteliMail


Increased turnover

for our clients

What's new in InteliMail

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Exclusive novelty: InteliMail sends e-mails according to the weather forecast

Although the statistics on e-mail opens are merely indicative, they still reveal a few things. Without e-mail opens, there simply won't be any click-throughs and therefore no sales. On a test group of users, e-mail open rates are 44% higher on a chilly rainy morning than on a beautiful hot summer afternoon. InteliMail now uses weather forecast to schedule e-mails to be sent.

How does 100% e-mail automation actually work at InteliMail?

We decided to write this article at the request of our customers to shed light on how InteliMail can be used to do e-mail marketing in an e-shop with full automation and explain what customers actually get from the service itself. Furthermore, you will also learn how automated e-mails work, what they contain and what they look like.

E-shop personalisation benefits (Product recommendations)

Quite often, e-shop customers fail to find the desired goods despite the fact that the e-shop features them in its product range. Simply speaking: customers are "lazy" - they make a few clicks and if they don't find what they were looking for in the e-shop, they just leave. Personalised InteliMail recommendations can prevent such scenarios, indeed.

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