Advanced e-mail marketing for e-shops

Forget about planning campaigns, working in an editor or trying to create automated scripts. The past is long gone.

The future is with us...

InteliMail brings full automation, simplicity, intuition, intelligent solutions and constant innovation to e-mail marketing.

Zero maintenance, no or minimal configuration and high performance.

Helping e-shops get ahead

Who is InteliMail suitable for?

All e-commerce platforms and custom solutions

InteliMail has been developed exclusively for e-shops, which makes it an unbeatable solution.

E-shops that want to increase revenue from email marketing

Not satisfied with the performance of your campaigns, or seeing gaps in revenue?

E-shops that want to start with email marketing or are looking for a more convenient and powerful solution

InteliMail is an ideal and effortless choice for you.

No time? Tired of sending out newsletters and maintaining tools?

InteliMail eliminates maintenance - on your part.

E-shops that are looking for easy integration, launch and maintenance of e-mail marketing

We prepare and launch everything for you.

No time for trainings, webinars, conferences or becoming an e-mail marketing guru?

At InteliMail we train and improve for and instead of you.

All is done autonomously with zero maintenance

Basic functions of InteliMail

Autonomous newsletters
Personalised newsletters and remarketing
Gender based personalisation
Delivering e-mails at specific times
Available in various languages (addressing customers in the 5th case in Czech)
E-mails requiring no image downloads
Your blog articles delivered to your customers
Detailed statistics
99,83% deliverability
Cookies Policy and GDPR compliant
InteliMail is not a platform

Only found in InteliMail

100% autonomous
InteliMail is a service for e-shops only Top!
Emphasis on achieved performance Top!
Works sustainably and autonomously (without intervention or configuration) Top!
Impactful and powerful e-mail remarketing
Highlight delivered-emails in Google services
Customer identification on multiple devices Top!
Sending e-mails based on weather Top! Coming soon
Automatic contact database management
Automatic monitoring of technical parameters
Automatic monitoring of performance parameters
Automatic updates and improvements
Free service integration and launch Top!
The texts of the e-mails are included in the price of the service (including translation)
InteliMail is not a platform

In InteliMail you won’t find

100% autonomous
Fantastic drag-and-drop editor for template editing
E-mail contact database management (lists, segments)
Creating your own e-mail strategies and analysing results
Training, tutorials, workshops or other educational activities
Need to use support services
How does it work?

All without the human touch

Data collection

InteliMail collects e-commerce traffic data about each visitor. All in accordance with the level of cookies agreed.

Data analysis

InteliMail constantly analyses and evaluates the collected data, which is an important basis for the personalization of each customer.

Decision and execution

InteliMail decides to which customer and when to send the email. Fill the e-mail template with text, products and send it to the customer.


InteliMail in numbers


E-mails sent

with zero maintenance


Average deliverability

per e-shop


Number of orders

received by InteliMail


Increased turnover

for our clients

Because we care about results

We won't leave the performance of your e-mail marketing to you

The basis of InteliMail is that our clints need not lift a finger and yet the e-mail marketing has to work at full capacity. Read our client's experience after 3+ years of automation with us

Our clients must feel the difference in results. Ideally, the difference must be significant compared to other e-mail platforms. Read the experience of our clients who achieved significantly better or even 7x the performance

Long-term positive results bring satisfaction to our clients, especially with continuously increasing performance

app img
How do they look?

Autonomous InteliMail e-mails

InteliMail creates unique e-mails and delivers them individually to each customer.

Service integration and launch

Free and effortless integration

For all e-shop platforms and custom solutions. Easy, fast and without programming.

If there’s still something on your mind :-)

Customer FAQs

Absolutely not. First of all, it depends on contact database quality, and, secondly, on e-mail cadence and content. If InteliMail annoyed customers, they would just unsubscribe and the size of the contact database would shrink. As the size of our customer contact database keeps growing, it is proof that InteliMail is working properly and is not annoying e-commerce customers with e-mails at all.
No, your customers will not unsubscribe in bulk. InteliMail never annoy e-commerce customers with large numbers of e-mails. The proof of this is that the numbers of customer sign-ups in our clients’ contact databases are steadily increasing.
No, Gmail loves e-mails sent by InteliMail. First of all, we follow all technical e-mailing policies, including the quick unsubscribe option (integrated in Gmail). Secondly, InteliMail never sends bulk e-mails with the same content and at the same time, which in some circumstances could damage your domain’s reputation. The proof that InteliMail works correctly in this respect is that our e-mail deliverability in Gmail is at 99.9%.
InteliMail continuously evaluates each customer in the contact database. If InteliMail deems it appropriate to send an offer e-mail to a given customer, it determines a day and time to reach out to them. It selects appropriate texts from predefined sets (subject line and content of the e-mail), as well as an appropriate banner and products from the e-shop offer. It then sends the e-mail to the customer at the time specified in the e-mail template for the e-shop.
Yes, InteliMail can be integrated and run with every e-shop. So far, we have not come across any e-shop where we were unable to run it :-)
The price for InteliMail service starts at 97 Euros without VAT per month for a database of up to 5000 contacts. Integration with your e-shop and launching the service is free of charge.

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InteliMail brings full automation, simplicity, intuition, intelligent solutions and constant innovation to e-commerce marketing.

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