Exclusive novelty: InteliMail sends e-mails according to the weather forecast

11.09.2023 • 1 min 15 sec read

Although the statistics on e-mail opens are merely indicative, they still reveal a few things. Without e-mail opens, there simply won't be any click-throughs and therefore no sales. On a test group of users, e-mail open rates are 44% higher on a chilly rainy morning than on a beautiful hot summer afternoon. InteliMail now uses weather forecast to schedule e-mails to be sent.

Weather-controlled automatic e-mail scheduling is currently (on a pilot basis) available for our customers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

We'll be working hard to involve other countries asap :-)

How does this sexy gadget/widget work in real life?

Let's give you just one example: before sending a newsletter to an e-shop customer in Bratislava, InteliMail checks the weather in the locality. If there is a significant deterioration of the weather conditions in the forecast for tomorrow, InteliMail will postpone sending the e-mail to that particular customer until the next day.

At InteliMail, we are delighted to introduce such sexy, useful and yet fully automatic enhancements that we believe will bring our customers more and more orders.

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