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15.02.2022 • 1 min read

We are very happy to continue delivering unexpectedly good results to our clients. We are slowly getting used to it, but it is still quite surprising for our clients :-)

Client asked us to take care of 14 more e-shopsAfter a month of testing, www.maliarskeplatno.sk (selling art supplies) asked us to take care of 14 more of their e-shops. The client was convinced by the results seen in Google Analytics, where InteliMail worked its way up to become the second-best performing source (10% turnover) after Google, of course.

Just for your information, the client’s original newsletter ranked 6th with a turnover share of 1.45%.
InteliMail delivered almost 7 times better performance in the same period.

Our team keeps working hard, happy to deliver such fantastic results and most importantly, still without any work on your part.

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