30-day free trial. Why do we recommend it at InteliMail?

04.01.2022 • 2 min 15 sec read

At first, we considered 2 benefits for new clients who were just starting out.

Either a money-back guarantee or a free 14-day trial, during which the customer could try InteliMail and see what advantages it had over traditional e-mail platforms.

Then a 30-day free trial won!

In the end, we decided to offer a 30-day free trial, considering that in 30 days, the customer should already see the benefits of InteliMail on their e-shop and the nice numbers in Google Analytics. We saw that it was a very good move recently when we launched InteliMail for www.hs-sport.cz.

After the 30-day free trial period

HS-sport decided to continue with InteliMail and stop using the original e-mail service, which it had operated until then, completely. This would still be nothing out of the ordinary. In addition, this client asked us to take care of 3 more e-shops, which would also still not be exceptional.

But the biggest surprise awaited us later, when we learned the whole story :-)

The first wow moment:

HHS-sport recommended us to their e-shop platform (bsshop), explaining that InteliMail delivered, without any work on their part, much better performance compared to the original e-mail platform they had been using, tediously maintaining the e-shop and inventing e-mail content week by week. That's why they've decided to shut down the original e-mail platform completely.

The second wow moment:

HS-sport consulted with their e-shop platform and the senior e-mail specialist about the whole idea of using InteliMail, who was very sceptical from the beginning, fearing that InteliMail would not work, or even harm the client. Much to his surprise, after 30 days, he had to conclude upon checking google analytics that the results achieved by InteliMail were above standard. Then, of course, followed a joint online meeting during which the e-mail specialist learned from us how InteliMail worked in detail.

This is a very good review for us and, most importantly, for InteliMail!

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