3 years of constant e-mail marketing automation and the e-shop owner hasn't made a single click. Sounds like science fiction? No, it’s InteliMail!

30.09.2021 • 1 min read

Time flies and today it is 3 years since we have launched InteliMail for our first client.

InteliMail is still bringing in new orders

Even after 3 years after the launch, InteliMail has not stopped bringing new orders to the customer; the good performance even keeps increasing slightly.

(počet získaných objednávok z e-mailov a pop-up okna)

525 orders from e-mails worth almost 250,000 Euros

It is unbelievable that this client did not write, send or schedule a single e-mail. InteliMail managed it all autonomously. Day by day, on each Friday, and every holiday, InteliMail has been working on getting new orders without client intervention.

This is what we want to bring to e-shops. InteliMail is therefore constantly enhanced, refined, and polished to deliver the best possible results without any of your work.

This is a message for all "e-mail experts" claiming that InteliMail had no future.

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