The biggest mistake in e-mail marketing

03.06.2022 • 1 min 45 sec read

Recently, a client forwarded us an e-book entitled "17 most common mistakes in e-mail marketing", asking if we have "tackled" these mistakes or if InteliMail was still making them. It was actually an educational e-book written by our competitors.

What was the first thing that came to our mind?

Why would anyone develop an e-mailing service that allows a client to make mistakes in the first place? Especially, if they are aware of such mistakes?

It is quite simple: all these mistakes result from ignorance on the part of the client not knowing how to use the tool, and lacking necessary experience to develop an e-mail marketing strategy and properly evaluate statistics or results. Therefore, constant client education and tool training is needed. But honestly, who has the time for that? Hardly anyone.

And that's why the vast majority of clients using these services end up with a single "all customers" contact list to which they send out their newsletters.

This is the single biggest mistake you can make in e-mail marketing.

What is the solution?

Either you start to educate yourself and step by step master the e-mail tool while learning from your own mistakes, or you choose InteliMail.


  • works instead of you
  • never forgets what needs to be done
  • learns for and instead of you
  • evaluates results and refines your strategy
  • shows you relevant statistics
  • doesn't cost more than other e-mail tools:-)

PS: Yes, we have long tackled these mistakes at InteliMail.

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